Do you love to live a luxury life style or you just believe in simple and basic needs of life? Whether you may look for gorgeous and traditional design or you want your space to be the most elegant and modern one, your home should be something where you should get full comfort after a long tiring day. Keeping your life style and comfort in mind Aanka designs your space, so when you enter your home you feel most relaxed and refreshed.
Who says to get all the comfort you have to be concerned about your budget? Within your budget you can turn your house into a home.
Space Planning:
Your space not only look beautiful but also it will be more functional. Even if you have small apartment you will get enough space to move around. Aanka makes its design and decor in such a way that the space looks more spacious.
Generally we all neglect small corners, we dump things and usually we use these as storage intentionally or unintentionally. But what if we can design it such a way that can attract your guest while entering the room. Aanka highlighted your corner and makes it most attractive and functional.
Decor and Colour Consultation :
Colour consultation is one of Aanka’s foray. Colour and decor give your space a life, the most important thing to beautify your area. If your designs are done and your are just worried about your colour theme and decor, you can always ask Aanka to make the decor, accessories & color consultation for you.

Online Consultation:

Aanka provides online consultation too. Just click some photographs and mail or wassup us, and get your design online.